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10 Years

Our pets are what they digest, not what they eat. Proper digestion is the foundation for superior health. Enzymes assist the body in properly digesting food and assimilating nutrients.

Our comprehensive, proprietary formula also includes organic dulse*, a rich source of minerals, to help spark enzyme activity. In addition, Shake’N'Zyme™ was designed to address allergies, inflammatory/irritable bowel conditions, dermatitis and colitis. With our convenient shaker, proper dosage and regular use for your pet will be as easy as spicing up your favorite dish

A Message From a Licensed Veterinarian:
“When pet foods are heat processed, as most are, enzyme concentration is significantly reduced. For this reason, adding digestive enzymes to your pet’s food will enhance absorption of nutrients. A high quality, broad spectrum supplement like Shake’N'Zyme™ provides the required enzyme activity to help your pet achieve superior digestive health. With daily use, you should see marked improvement in the skin, coat and energy of your pet, and less gas formation (or flatulence) and improved consistency in the stool.”
—Dr. Nancy Scanlan, D

  • Shake’N’ ZymeTM is the ideal way to deliver daily enzyme supplementation necessary
    to promote proper digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Containsorganic dulse*, an edible sea vegetable found in the Atlantic Ocean, which is
    high in minerals and helps spark enzyme activity.
  • Supports proper weight management.
  • Human Grade and vegetarian ingredients quaranteed.
  • Great tasting, all-natural Cheddar and Romano cheese flavor that your pet will enjoy.

*Certified organically grown and processed in
accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.

2000 mg or approximately 5-6 shakes contains:

  • 10,000,000
    active lactobacillus acidophilus cultures and
  • Protease….6500 HUT
  • Amylase….1312.5 DU
  • Lactase….130LacU
  • Lipase….107LU
  • Cellulase….94CU
  • Peptidase….75U
  • Maltase….62.5DP
  • Glucoamylase….3.375AGU
  • Invertase….0.1IAU

Ingredients:Cheddar Cheese, Romano Cheese, Organic Dulse, Plant Based Enzymes (see above),
Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
Suggested Daily Use: (Shake on Food)

  • Up to a 4 month supply depending on daily use.
  • Dogs & Cats under 20lbs…..2-3 shakes
  • Dogs & Cats 21-40 lbs……..3-4 shakes
  • Dogs…………41-80lbs……..5-6 shakes
  • Dogs…………80+lbs……….6-8 shakes


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