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10 Years

Specially formulated with the essential fatty acids dogs need for a healthy coat!

Dogs Benefit from a Diet Rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): Our canine friends lack the ability to produce needed Essential Fatty Acids on their own. A high quality EFA supplement like Coat Shine Premium is essential for superior coat health.

Perfect Balance: Coat Shine Premium’s proprietary formula and extraction process provides a 1:1.2:0.8 ration of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, the perfect linolenic and linoleic proportion for maximum safety and effectiveness. This formula was specifically created to address coat dryness, shedding, flaky and dry skin, dandruff, irritation, itchiness and skin inflammation.

Human Quality Made for Pets: Coat Shine Premium contains organic and cold/expeller pressed flax seed and soy oils, fish oil and natural Vitamin E. This combination ensures that dogs receive the highest quality, human grade and chemical-free EFA supplementation available.

One teaspoon contains

  • Omega 3 1,316 mg
  • Omega 6 1,640 mg
  • Omega 9 1,052 mg

Up to a 6 month supply depending on daily use.

100% Chemical-Free Cold Pressed

*Made with SpectraVac technology, a processing method that eliminates the destructive effects of heat, light and oxygen, guaranteeing the freshest Essential Fatty Acid (EFA’s) available.

Ingredients (All Human Grade): Organic Flax Seed Oil, Organic Soy Oil, Fish Oil and Natural Vitamin E.

*All organic ingredients are organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.

For best results, we recommend:

  • Less than 40 lbs….1/2 tsp
  • 41-60 lbs….1 tsp
  • 61-80 lbs….2 tsp
  • 81 lbs and over….3 tsp

*Refrigerate after Opening.*Keep Out of Reach of Children

All Products Are Manufactured in the U.S.A.